New Wampa and Porg Lightsaber Hild Designs are Available at Galaxy Star Wars

May 31 23:25 2022

According to the Fortnite Sources, many lightsaber forms are returning to the Galaxy Star Wars. These lightsabers have amazing pommel designed hilt or cap introducing at Fortnite for next couple of weeks. Most importantly these lightsabers wielded by Obi-Wan, Kylo Ren, Mace Windu and Luke Skywalker. 

This inconic weapon from Galaxy Star Wars got new pommels available at Dinesy. All the fans from Star Wars can visit the Ziasabers to choose any of their hot-favorite design. These amazing hilt design Galaxy Star Wars lightsabers have been introduced at Fortnite in 2019 event. This amazing grip design launched on Star Wars Day on 4th May. 

The new pommel hilt design will strike fear in the heart of your foes. This Wampa has an amazing presence and build confidence while holding this Galaxy sabers. It runs so smooth that Padawans and Jedi will love while twisting off because of it’s firm grip. Its icy blue invokes the tundra of Hoth, from where Galaxy Star Wars main character Luke Skywalker famously escaped a Wampa’s grasp. 

Many news are circulating about the Star Wars Celebrations about we’re thrilled to attend to have first look at the new products that were revealed. Star Wars Galaxy Panelist including Amanda Rubinos-Luna, Brad Schoeneberg, Cody Hampton, Elisa Melchiori, Tracie Alt and John Henselmeier give a perfect look about how Star Wars Galaxy Edge was created in first. 

Padawans and Luke Skywalker won’t be able to take their eyes off from this amazing porg lightsaber pommel. This lovely hand curved lightsaber hilt desing revealed in the Star Wars Galaxy most recent season. The great pommel design lightsaber is used in Neopixel lightsaber, custom lightsaber or master replicas manufactured by Ziasabers. 

Every Jedi’s fan need a loyal fanbase strongly connected with loyal critters at home. What we recommend; run, fly, slither and wobble for a chance to take one of these loyal critters perfectly made for these guys. Hilt caps featuring a lot cat were introduce by Disney ealirer this year. Check out for more lightsaber replica with the world reknowned saber manufacturers. 

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