Srikanth Challa’s book ‘Krishna Krishna Radhe Radhe’ released worldwide

October 07 20:25 2022
Srikanth Challa's book 'Krishna Krishna Radhe Radhe' released worldwide
“I see your infinite form in every direction, with countless arms, stomachs, faces and eyes. O Lord of the universe, whose form is the universe itself, I do not see in you any beginning, middle or end.”
– (Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 11, Verse 16)

Krishna Krishna Radhe Radhe is a treasure hunt, adventure novel. The story is set in Mathura, Dwaraka and Rajasthan. It connects a few wonderful stories of Lord Krishna, like his dance on the snake Kaliya, to a treasure.

The story revolves around the lead characters Krishna and Radha, how they solve the clues and the treasure they discover at the end. It is about the journey and what they discover about themselves in the due course of the story.

Srikanth Challa is an IT professional, traveller, screen writer (co-writer for a national award winning regional film) and a documentary and feature film director.

This is his first novel. He read the Bhagavatham and got so inspired by the epic that he travelled to Mathura and Rajasthan to come up with the structure of this novel.

The book, published by White Falcon Publishing, is available in both print and ebook formats:

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