WIN Home Inspection Fort Myers Adds Post Storm Home Inspections to Its Services

October 11 00:57 2022
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FORT MYERS, FL. (OCT 2022) – WIN Home Inspection Fort Myers is pleased to announce that it is now offering Post Storm Home Inspections.  With support from WIN’s National Franchise partners and utilizing the Florida Association of Building Inspectors guidelines, post storm maintenance inspections will aid homeowners, property managers and Realtors who were affected by hurricane Ian to better identify property damage caused by the recent storm.

WIN Home Inspection Fort Myers Adds Post Storm Home Inspections to Its Services

The Post Storm Home Inspection is a visual, non-invasive inspection of over 300 items in the home using state-of-the-art equipment and innovative technology, enabling clients to make informed decisions when moving forward with contractors and insurance adjusters. The Company Inspects the complete exterior, foundation, roof, windows, doors, complete interior, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC. Clients will understand the existing and potential issues in a home to avoid costly repairs, deferred maintenance and possible health hazards, helping them get peace of mind on their most valuable investment. 

As an example, due to the intensity of the hurricane winds, a supporting truss in the attic may be damaged.  Without a thorough inspection of the space, this significant damage and unsafe condition may go unnoticed from the exterior and missed on an insurance claim.  Within 24 hours of completing this inspection, clients receive a detailed, visual, and easy-to-read report complete with recommendations for repairs and maintenance.

WIN Home Inspection Fort Myers is a local and Veteran owned home inspection company and is licensed, certified and insured to utilize the most advanced tools and equipment to find damage and defects.  As FAA licensed drone pilots, WIN inspectors will provide a drone inspection of the property and roof, allowing inspection when safety is compromised from storm damage.

Additionally, the 4K HD images can be utilized for record keeping and to share with insurance adjusters.  Moisture meters and Infrared (IR) Thermography, helps find anomalies hidden in places hard to see, such as walls, floors, ceilings, etc. These scans can see differences in heat which can indicate moisture issues, insulation issues and even electrical hazards. Not only can these issues be costly to repair, but they may also pose health risks to your family. Key areas examined include: Electrical hotspots, damaged insulation, water leakage and damaged HVAC ducts.  Although not included in the post storm inspection a mold test and well water test can be performed for an additional fee.

Mold is a fungus that grows due to tiny spores floating in the air.  Studies have shown that following hurricane damage it is present in at least 50% of homes. While spores may be harmless in small quantities, their presence is risky because of how quickly they can spread – especially after landing on damp surfaces ranging from 40°F to 100°F. Once the mold spread begins, it can damage surfaces and infrastructure and cause severe health issues in humans.

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A Well Water Quality Test is the first line of defense to ensure that well water supply has not been contaminated. Water contaminants such as bacteria and nitrates can cause serious health issues. Clean drinking water is a prerequisite for healthy living, it is critical to know if there are contaminants in a plumbing system that could cause adverse health effects. The Company’s Water Quality Tests, inspectors collaborate with accredited Florida laboratories for a certified drinking water analysis. All water samples are taken in a prescribed manner per the laboratory’s guidelines and sent for analysis, which provides fast and accurate results.

All Post Storm Home Inspections include a free Re-inspection to ensure identified damaged areas that are repaired following the inspection are fixed correctly.  Additionally, a 60-day home warranty is included following the inspections at no additional charge. This warranty covers those areas that were found to be functional during the inspection but failed within 60 days.  A Post Storm Home Inspection can be conducted before or after and with or without an insurance adjuster’s inspection.

Clients in Cape Coral & SWFL wishing to have their homes assessed may contact WIN Home Inspection Fort Myers to schedule their post storm inspection at (239)355-8581 or schedule online 24/7 at 

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