G Michael Smith gives feminist literature a new touch with Prison of Power – A Man-made Tale

October 11 03:10 2022
G Michael Smith’s new book introduces a different universe where patriarchy doesn’t exist.

Prison of Power – A Man-Made Tale is an exciting novel that will provide feminist literature enthusiasts with a thrilling reading experience from page one to the end. The book demonstrates how the current patriarchal world has been nothing but chaotic and troublesome. In the book, he helps readers imagine a world where women are dominant in government and leadership roles.

Readers through this book will understand that men virtually destroy societies due to their affinity toward violence. This book will also show how women who took the mantle helped guide the world towards a successful future.

The book will help you embark on a political journey that you’ve never experienced before. With the climate in control, criminals behind bars, and countries no longer at war against one another, an ideal world awaits us. As G Michael Smith says, it’s a “Brave New World.”

G Michael Smith is a retired Programming, Drama, Mathematics, English, and Theatre teacher. As an author and poet, he has written several pieces of literature for both adults and children. With this book, he aims to educate the readers about an ideal world where women are leaders that could potentially end all the chaos around us.

His books are available on Amazon and other online sellers.

To learn more visit: https://www.gmsmithbooks.ca/

About G Michael Smith

G Michael Smith is a poet, novelist, and children’s book author. He has a BA in Psychology, English, and Creative Writing and a professional teaching degree from the University of British Columbia. And a Master of Arts degree from San Diego State University. He has written four science fiction novels in The Forevers series, all featuring a young female protagonist titled “Mind Storms”, “The Traveler,” “Master WU,” and “Omie 17”; a mid-grade novel titled “Hijacked – A Beechwood Adventure”; written and illustrated three children’s books titled “The Accidental Adventures of Bernie the Banana Slug”, “Lily Liar and the Eleventy Headed Monster” and “Tiny Tina and the Terrible Trouble”. His poem – “Hummingbird” was recently published by Deep Overstock in their ‘Animals’ edition. A recent micro-story titled “Jimmy” has been accepted for publication by Coastal Shelf. He has since published “The Prison of Power: A Man-Made Tale”. His text novel due in January is a detective novel titled “A Kestrel Circles”.

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