Local Author “Gail Carter-Cade” Helps Bridge Mental Health Communication Gap through Poetry

October 11 21:35 2022

The new outlook is to get past the stigma of discussing mental health challenges. That’s why building a stigma-free society and supporting awareness is vital. 

Communication is always a two-way thing. If an adult feels unheard, misperceived, and shut out, then there is an assurance the children are as well.  

Poetry reading can be an exciting way to introduce matters into a conversation that may otherwise, on no occasion, be discussed. While agreeably, poetry communication is one of the effective ways to form close, personal relationships. Poetry communication is equally effective in connecting people who may have difficulties uplifting the pain of mental health hurdles as it is the root of differential behavioral and learning styles.

Bridging the communication gaps in the family, workplace, or school is essential. Gail Carter-Cade’s poem mirrors the most common causes of the hidden pain misunderstood in conversations. Poetry can help a child find their voice, and one of the ways to support children with poetry is to use poem lines to bridge the communication gap between children and adults. Constructing figurative language allows expressiveness to move beyond play into written narrative. The disparity between youngsters and grown-ups is that youngsters can hardly hide their playful habits. Those habits often come under the shadow of something difficult that the child has experienced. They can use poetry to help them recover and heal when this happens.

Poetry is one of the ways to bridge the communication gap between children and significant adults in their lives. Verbal or non-verbal communication through poems is an essential factor required by pupils or students to succeed in their educational pursuits. Communication motivates students to enhance their abilities and encourages individuals to work hard.

About The Author

Gail Carter-Cade is a mother, educator, entrepreneur, and writer widely known for her passion, insight, and understanding of different behavioral and learning styles. The Jacksonville-based author attended college in New York and majored in Business Administration with a minor in Journalism, but later went back to college to change her major to education after developing a passion for helping and educating others. As someone who experienced firsthand the challenges families face when trying to understand other family members’ emotional and mental struggles, Gail Carter-Cade fully understands the manifestations of those struggling in their behavior and learning practices. The driven, elegant, and empathetic individual has volunteered and worked at elementary and middle schools in Jacksonville, Florida, supporting students with various abilities, behavior patterns, learning styles, and personalities.

If you want a copy of Gail Carter-Cade’s “Uplifting the Pain of Behavioral and Learning Styles through Poetry Now,” it is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. 


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