Author’s new book “A Leap into Darkness” receives a warm literary welcome

October 12 05:45 2022
Author's new book "A Leap into Darkness" receives a warm literary welcome

Readers’ Favorite announces the review of the Children – Preteen book “A Leap into Darkness” by Ray Petrolino, currently available at

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“Reviewed By Jessica Barbosa for Readers’ Favorite

Jake is a Bichon Frisé that Rose and Chris found when he was a pup. He had been bathed in a golden shimmer–the Shine–and Rosie believes he is one of the Sculptor’s “wise ones”. Jake does not believe he is anything more than an ordinary dog who has been through his share of love and loss. One day, like a fairytale, his poor life is transformed by the grace of the King of Gorseland. The King took an interest in him and just like that, Jake’s life is changed forever. He has a new family that loves him and a happy and warm environment to grow up in. One day, while the Royal Family was out, they come across a sorcerer and his raven. Most people and even the royal family’s dogs are drawn to this mysterious sorcerer, except the queen and Jake. Little do they know that their suspicion and association with the sorcerer Beezeldorn and his raven would bring nothing but harm. Will Jake be able to protect his family from this threat? Read Ray Petrolino’s A Leap Into Darkness and find out!

A Leap Into Darkness was a charming fantastical tale that features sorcerers, anthropomorphic animals, a beautiful kingdom, and a sweet familial storyline. Ray Petrolino has crafted a warm-hearted tale with unique twists that kept me flipping through the pages. I was fascinated by the distinctive characters who leave an impression just from their interactions. Jake was a sweet, loyal dog that would bravely do all he can to protect the ones he loved. It took a special person to see who he was and Rose was one of those special people. Her care, love, and sacrifice for Jake left a deep impression on me. I was hooked by this story from the very first chapter. A Leap Into Darkness is a tale woven with care and love. It is a tale of betrayal, trust, family, love, loyalty, friendship, and adventure! The deeper I got into the story the harder it was to put the book down! The map at the start and the illustrations of the characters whenever they were newly introduced into the story made it easier to visualize the story and how everything played out. Overall, this was an extraordinary tale I could see myself reading again in the future. Outstanding work!”

You can learn more about Ray Petrolino and “A Leap into Darkness” at where you can read reviews and the author’s biography, as well as connect with the author directly or through their website and social media pages.

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