Create Poetry and Song Recording the Music from Home

October 13 20:24 2022

Perry Ritthaler breaks new ground mixing poetry with music and then creation of art into video presentations online. His marketing test for this article features his personal website packed with 30 free video downloads and mp3 sing-along songs on a paywall.

Ritthaler writes his art without the capital cost of a musical band. He uses instrumentation music in the background with added fresh words he writes, then mixed into song music and vocals.

From the pen in hand on written paper he crafts a poem into a poetry song idea. Then Ritthaler hunts his band’s music using a membership license created by Epic Music for $500.00 per year license Royalty Free Music for video creators | Epidemic Sound for over 30,000 songs to use in background music.

This is a legal move which makes your musical creation art copy write protected, while protecting you from copy write claim on instrumentation music you use in your compilations found at Epic music.

Ritthaler also purchased his digital tools include a new Microsoft laptop computer worth about $500.00, plus a $500.00 Roland VT-4 Vocal Transformer – Black. Visit the Roland Store.

Plus a Shure SM7B Vocal Dynamic Microphone for Broadcast, Podcast & Recording, XLR Studio Mic for Music & Speech, Wide-Range Frequency, Warm & Smooth Sound, Rugged Construction, Detachable Windscreen – Black. Visit the Shure Store.

Then we needed a $200.00 Audio Interface Podcast Equipment Bundle, MAONO Maonocaster Lite Portable ALL-IN-ONE DJ Mixer Sound Card with 3.5mm Microphone for Studio, Live Streaming, PC, Recording, Gaming (AU-AM200-S1). Visit the MAONO Store.

The equipment helps a budding karaoke artist try the music recording industry. This step is halfway between being a musician and a karaoke singing star. This is the Song Poet step where you write the music and then find instrumentation music that fits your words to your song.

With your new song mixed and recorded, you will need to use a free open-source program like Audacity ® | Free, open source, cross-platform audio software for multi-track recording and editing. ( to edit the music you created.

Now with a fresh song in hand, you need to build a music video, membership for this operation costs about $700.00 per year Videos on Vimeo.

To publish on your website which will display your music video and song costs about $700.00 Blog Tool, Publishing Platform, and CMS –, and then you can also freely post to open-source media channels on your favorite social media locations.

Now you have a song and your chance at fame.

However, no monetization is present so you will need to build a paywall to charge for your song.

So, this is still just considered a fame building hobby because it costs more money than it makes.

Building your paywall will cost at least $600.00 to start Dacast: Live Streaming Platform | Online Video Hosting and then a yearly membership with additional costs as you expand your song poet career.

I hope this information will empower new artists thinking about going past karaoke singing in nightclubs.

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