Comparison of 8 Brands of Intraoral Scanners on The Market

October 14 07:21 2022

As digital dental technologies gain traction, an increasing number of dentists are using intraoral scanning technique instead of traditional tray impressions. Intraoral scanner is undoubtedly a great invention in the dental industry. Selecting one intraoral scanner that meets your needs is quite important. In this article we will discuss some factors that are vital for consideration, and evaluate several scanners from different brands.

What should be considered?


Scanning speed is a key feature of intraoral scanners. One of the biggest benefits of this technology is the ability to create digital impressions in just minutes. So, an Intraoral scanner must be Fast at the speed of capturing an image. The faster you can scan, the more efficient you are during the day.


In order for the lab to deliver accurate results to you, your scan must be of the highest quality. The ideal scanner captures micro details to ensure the best quality. It should have the accuracy to support all types of restorative work, like crowns, bridges, dentures, partial dentures, etc. Accurate scanning means fewer retakes, happier customers, and more streamlined work.


Scanning flow means how smooth the scanning experience is. Does the scanner lose its place often? How smart is the artificial intelligence in the scanner? Does the scanner handle the corners or the mouth and the anterior region well without stopping when moving from one quadrant to the other? Does the scanner pick up where it left quickly if the scan is interrupted? These are the questions we should ask when evaluating the scanning flow of an intraoral scanner.

Easy to use

The daily work of a dental clinic is busy. Sometimes a dentist is responsible for diagnosing multiple patients. For higher work efficiency. Dentists need a good helper. The ease of use of an intraoral scanner is important to them. No matter how many interface functions, or whether the scanning process is smooth. Both are features of a scanner that are hard to ignore.


Training and support can be considered as one of the standards to evaluate the service quality of scanner suppliers. When adapting to a new scanner, training helps users to get familiar with the full capabilities, while support helps users quickly solve the issues they face.

Who are evaluated?

BLZ Dental INO100

BLZ Dental is a professional dental manufacturer specializing in dental scanners. The INO100 is the newest intraoral scanner model. This product is very simple and easy to use. And has a high cost performance. The INO100 has moderate scanning accuracy and scanning depth, and can truly restore the teeth in the mouth. The scanning process is smooth, with only about 10 seconds of post-processing time, which is different from many brands of scanners. However, compared to other scanners on the market. The scanner tip of the INO100 is slightly bigger. But it also ensures the accuracy of the scanned data.

One other point worth emphasizing about INO100 is the capacity of combining with dental lab scanner. Using a lab scanner to get a quick scan of the model, while the intraoral scanner fills in the details. This combination is a new way of working for dental laboratories. It will considerably improve work efficiency and ensure accuracy.

As for training and support, BLZ set up a team of experienced technical staff to provide professional and efficient service. And it is committed to respond within 24 hours.

3Shape TROIS 4


3Shape is a well-known scanner manufacturer in the dental industry. Their intraoral scanner line is often mentioned as one of the best in the sector. As far as scanning speed goes, it can get a full arch within 45 seconds. And the software generates vivid high-definition color images. Furthermore, TROIS 4 has some notable features. It is available in both wireless and wired forms, boasts improved Wi-Fi connection. However, besides the scanner itself is very expensive, Ongoing annual and monthly subscription fees that can be rather steep, particularly for add-on features like orthodontic simulator.


The Medit i500 was the Medit company’s first intraoral scanner and was released in late 2018. The company branded the i500 as the ‘easy entry into digital dentistry’. i500 perform well in intraoral scanning and has decent scanning speed, but only has basic structural quality. The scanning software updates fast. Almost once a month, it is optimized or something is added. But there indeed some problems related to the software, and these mainly are annoying processing/uploading times. What’s more, the scanner requires an online connection to operate. And this could be not convenient for some users and take much time for uploading the scan data.

Dentsply Sirona CEREC Primescan


Dentsply Sirona is a major IOS company from the US. The Primescan intraoral scanner from Dentsply Sirona is a fast and high-tech scanner, which can achieve a full arch scan in under 50 seconds. It has an exceptional AI function, which makes scanning efficient and ensures fluid scanning experiences. The scanner weighs 457g / 524g depending on what scanner sleeve is used, (disposable plastic or metal). Besides, the Primescan only comes combined with a cart. Although the cart is mobile, it is not portable. This means that transporting the Primescan between practices or outside the clinic is not convenient.

Shining 3D Aoralscan 2

Shining 3D is a famous Chinese scanner brand. They have 2 available models of intraoral scanners. Aoralscan2 is a classic model, can complete a single arch scanning in 45 seconds. It is a more cost-effective option compared with Aoralscan3. But it requires 3-5 minutes of post-processing time, which is not good at saving working time for dentists. And its FPS is only 15. This may have some effect on the scanning performance. However, its motion sensing function make it easy to use.

Align iTero Element 2  

iTero® element™ is the classic intraoral scanner from Align Technology—it has a great software user interface, user-friendly touch screen. It is great for orthodontic case presentations and works particularly well with the Invisalign system. Within just 60 seconds, Align’s devices can produce a sharp, high-resolution 3D scan of a complete dental arch. But this scanner weighs close to 500 grams, making it one of the heaviest intraoral scanners on the market. The large, unwieldy scanner wand makes it harder for some users with little practice finishing a full arch scan.

Runyes 3DS

Runyes is a brand born in Ningbo, China. Overall, this is an easy-to-use, moderately functional, and good-value intraoral scanner. The Runyes 3DS usually takes 80s to scan a full arch. It has a small scanner head, and the scanner’s body is also very small. The experience is quite  good. The software itself owns basic functions such as deleting aspects of the scan or analyzing undercuts. But many other useful functions, like drawing margin lines on your pres for the lab, are not found here. Regarding AI function, it doesn’t handle soft tissue interferences like the tongue and cheeks.

Launca DL-206

Launca Medical, a Chinese-based company, launched the DL-206 scanner in 2020. DL-206 has made the scanner smaller than ever to provide a more comfortable access to patient’s mouth. The scanner itself is relatively quick. However, because it is difficult to use and has a tricky scan strategy, it is hard to achieve scan times of less than 60 seconds for full arch. Among all the factors, the main issue that slows this scanner down, especially for beginners, is the scanning strategy. Because of the fact that if the scanner loses its place, it does not return to the last point very quickly. Without a lot of practice, it’s hard to maintain a continuous scan across the arch.


To make the comparison of these products on the intraoral scanner market easier to understand, we have included a summary table for each scanner so that you can corroborate the information easily:


*Scores for speed, accuracy, flow, ease of use, and services range from 5(the best) to 1(the worst).

Getting the best intraoral scanner for your dental practice is essential. Before doing the investment, you must consider all the major factors carefully. Hope this article can do some help to you, if you are going to invest in intraoral scanners!

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