A Danish Tech Company is Disrupting the Search for Medical Distributors

October 14 21:17 2022
(by Brian Baptista)

The old ways of finding and training distributors are completely over. The Danish company A2Nitro will support medical companies around the world by creating and supporting the foundation of a successful partnership.

The world is going into a crisis and the search for new distributors is going to be even more vital for meeting sales targets. Accessing new countries often requires finding the right distributor. The way of doing that is no longer the same.

Ahmad Mustapha, CEO of A2Nitro.com says, “We are changing the landscape of distributor sales. Nothing will remain the same again!”

The global healthcare distribution market size is forecasted to be worth USD 1299 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 6.96% from 2022 to 2027. Local medical distribution partners are crucial for many companies to manage the markets effectively.

It is commonly known that companies struggle with finding new distributors. Companies often experience that 80% of the distributor sales originate from 20% of the partners. This ultimately means that there is a high potential for growth by increasing the percentage of successful distributors.

Ahmad explains, “After being in the medical space for over 20 years, I have seen how companies struggle with their distribution strategies. I have secured sales for over 600 million USD by making distributors successful. I have injected this knowledge into A2Nitro. We can help companies find, onboard and train their sales channels so that they do not fall into the normal 3-month trap. If a distributor does not sell anything in the first 3 months, your chances of them ever being successful will drop significantly.”

As a former Sales Director for a market leader in the medical space, Ahmad knows how sales through distributors can be improved.

Ahmad elaborates, “A distributor needs a lot of support to succeed. First, they need to be onboarded properly. Not only in product training, but also, in how to sell the products and how to position themselves in their markets. Sales Managers are typically left to support many distributors and this leaves very little time to truly make the channel partnership successful.”

A2Nitro has developed a digital solution that helps companies matchmake with distributors globally. But not only that, the web app onboards, trains and supports the channel partner.

“Medical companies do not need another complicated system to learn. This is why we have been inspired by the ease of using Tinder in terms of the matchmaking process. Also, we focused on developing a solution that salespeople would want to use. As a former Sales Director, I know how annoying complex systems can be and how much time they take out of my time to sell.”

Ahmad Mustapha and his team will launch the solution in January 2023.

“The solution is ready, but we are spending our time refining it. We will onboard our first clients from our waiting list in November. The interest has been amazing and we are so happy that we can offer our first clients a head start. In our first trial run, we aim at over 500 before we officially launch. If you are a distributor or a medical company looking for new partners, check out www.A2Nitro.com for more information.”

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