Meta Index goes mobile and announces the launch of Eco-World

October 15 04:00 2022
Meta Index became completely mobile and announced the launch of Eco-World.

Experts fear the world might have to deal with a natural calamity in a few years. It is time to work together to solve the problem and create a bold plan. Reduce emissions of greenhouse gases by 50% by 2030 and arrive at net-zero goals by 2050. 

However, we cannot stop there. Additional investment in resources, technology, and concepts is necessary. In other words, we cannot continue to rely on international governments to carry out the tasks. The task is in the hands of the common people. Everybody needs to step up and play their part, including corporations. If we don’t, we shall bring anarchy to the world. It is with this ideology that Meta Index continues with its operations. Businesses can join them and participate in the fight against climate change.

Meta Index announced the launch of Eco-World and became completely mobile with the launch of its mobile app. Eco-World is an eco-friendly investment marketplace. The foundation is a UK-based firm with more than 35,000 eco-friendly investors where users can find like-minded individuals and get a commission on the investment of the other users. 

Answering the question, “Why did they decide to go 100% mobile?” Meta Index’s spokesperson said, “It is a fact that 96% of our users were visiting and working on their investments using their mobile phones. This trend is in line with the global trend.  Just spin back the time wheel and recall that when Instagram launched, it launched with a mobile app, not a website. And when Facebook bought Instagram, they didn’t buy it as an investment but out of the fear that Instagram might overtake Facebook’s #1 position, and that too when Facebook already has a website and a mobile app. Today, every social media channel has a mobile app reliant on smartphone and tablet use for as much as 50% of their traffic. Even today, most major companies have mobile apps to give easy access to their users. It can be said that social media is at the forefront of mobile app development, whether you’re there or not. Social media is the PERFECT place for your customers to share their message and their praise and voice their concerns. Going mobile is not an option anymore. It’s a necessity. “

It is true that Mobile apps are an imperative, not an option or an added service. They are the future. Today, mobile apps are now accessed more than the Internet. The iPad is the new laptop. A smartphone is the go-to communication device used by billions of people every day. The truth is, if a business doesn’t have an app, they stand a good possibility of failing in the market. Why? Because the easier it is for people to access what a business offers, the more they will buy from them.

This is an emotion that the spokesperson of Meta Indexed also shared “We understand the current trend. Any business that is not mobile is losing clients to competitors, is not making progress, and admits its inability to see the present market situation. We wanted to avoid all these things, so we announced that we are becoming mobile for the users. It is also for the future as people use mobiles to communicate now, but this trend will only grow and grow. We want to be where our customers are when they are ready on demand. It’s not just a smart business. It’s a smartphone business. When today’s four-year-old kids hand their father an iPad and say, “Papa, download this,” you know what the next generation will be doing and buying (sooner than you think).” said a spokesperson for the foundation.

The work of the Meta Index in climate restoration has been worthwhile. Their ecopreneur initiative platform gives business owners the reins. The projects are what give the ideas the power to change the world. This, however, is the beginning of their activities for restoring nature. The foundation has already partnered with Ecomatcher to rehabilitate mangrove forests in Indonesia and inform locals about lowering carbon emissions (100 gigatons by 2030).  

The company’s spokesperson said, “We are already planting trees in Ecuador, Haiti, Guatemala, Kenya, Philippines, Vietnam, UAE, and more places as we speak.”

Meta Index has also partnered with UpLink to further its nature conservation efforts. However, they feel that there is more to be done, so this UK-based foundation urges more businesses to join in the fight against climate change and restore the natural balance in the world.

About Meta Index:

Meta Index is a UK-based foundation that provides users with solutions that are based on nature and make combating climate change simpler. They help people to invest in nature-based solutions. The foundation firmly believes that its efforts will help them to provide 30% climate easing efforts by 2030.

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