iCafeBr Acquires Expocafe.com.br, Making Themselves The #1 Digital Authority on Brazilian Coffee

October 15 10:38 2022
With their recent acquisition of Expocafe.com.br, iCafeBr has undoubtedly crowned themselves the leading experts in Brazilian coffee – from beans to brands, and everything in-between.

Brasília, DF, Brazil – Whether it’s starting a busy day or ending the night in a leisurely fashion, most people out there enjoy a cup of Joe. A lot of coffee enthusiasts may even know that Brazil is the world leader in the production of coffee beans. Cataloging Brazil’s immense and unique coffee flavors and brands is a big job – and no one is better equipped to do it than iCafeBr

But who exactly is iCafeBr? Besides being a popular blog, they are also one of the most relevant authorities on the subject of coffee, boasting one of the biggest databases on caffeinated drinks. From analyses, reviews, reports and information, they live and breathe coffee.  

“iCafeBr.com.br has one of the largest coffee-related content databases in Brazil,” says Giovanni Bruno, the head editor of the iCafeBr blog. “We’re looking to expand our reach by acquiring even more beverage-related websites in Brazil.”

iCafeBr has certainly stayed true to their word when it comes to expanding their influence. Just recently, iCafeBR acquired the domain for Expocafe.com.br. The endeavor to merge both domains took months (and even more cups of coffee!) to finally close the deal. Now, iCafeBr has seemingly become a single coffee portal sensation overnight – covering everything coffee related, particularly Brazilian coffee beans and brands.

If there’s a Brazilian coffee brand or specialty out there, you can be sure that iCafeBr knows about it. Even better still, their staff are most likely enjoying a cup of that same Brazilian coffee they’ve just researched thoroughly and written about. In iCafeBr’s case, they love what they do – and they love what they drink just as much. 

About iCafeBr:

iCafeBr is a leading Brazilian coffee blog and database who is passionate about coffee, whatever the form and mode of consumption. In their small corner of the Internet, they take great pains to bring analysis, reviews, information and reports about coffee that figuratively (and literally) moves them and their users daily.

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