One Behavioral Selects Mindnest As Its Patient Communication System, Making Access To Mental Health Care And Resources Speedy And Efficient

October 18 04:29 2022
Mindnest’s state-of-the-art app helps mental health services collaborate in their mission to provide better access to medical practitioners and medication for patients who need it most.

Friendswood, TX, United States – In the modern era, things change in the blink of an eye and there’s no time to hit the ‘pause’ button. As it stands, there’s never been a more important time to make mental health and work-life-balance priorities. 

That’s where Mindnest comes in. Their app, which was built with state-of-the-art data-backed technology, offers patients ‘expert help’ for their ‘emotional health’. For as little as $45 in the first month followed by a monthly subscription of $100, patients have access to a wealth of mental health resources minus the usual (and exasperating) bureaucratic red tape. Patients can also use their own insurance with the personalized touch of a care manager.

Some of Mindnest’s useful resources come in the form of multiple crisis hotlines. Patients can contact an empathetic Mindnest medical professional via phone or text in emergencies. Now, no one has to feel alone or powerless when it comes to mental health issues. 

“As many as 40 million people in the United States battle with anxiety and depression every year,” says CEO of Mindnest Zeeshan Haq. “That’s 20% of the population who are genuinely struggling and often don’t have an emotional support system or access to mental health resources that can help them in their daily lives. Not only does Mindnest offer that emotional support patients need, our app also provides online provider visits, care management, and arranges for prescriptions to be sent to your local pharmacy.” 

Mindnest certainly has the numbers and affiliates to back up their proven track record. Just recently, One Behavioral (formally known as Texas Behavioral Health), a mental health clinic based in Houston, Texas, chose Mindnest to be its trusted patient communication system. Together, they can provide unhindered access to mental health resources to even more people across the country, making their partnership extremely lucrative and necessary.

Patients with anxiety and depression no longer have to suffer in silence. Mindnest’s intuitive digital platform makes the process of seeking help for mental health not only speedy and efficient, but painless and dignified too. 

About Mindnest:

Mindnest offers simple and comprehensive behavioral health resources to their clients. Whether online or in-person, with or without insurance, quality personalized care is available whenever you want.

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