Immigration Way Makes It Easy For International Students To Qualify For PGWP

October 19 10:26 2022

Canada recently introduced new immigration programs that make it easier for candidates to qualify for postgraduate work permits. With the help of Immigration Lawyer Ronen kurzfeld, students can easily acquire information about the new immigration policies.

It was announced earlier this year that the IRCC would assist Covid-19 pandemic-affected PGWP holders in retaining legal status in Canada. However, in the past two years, immigration has slowed down, which has made it difficult for some temporary residents to stay in Canada after graduation.

CEC candidates who have graduated from a recognized university in Canada and are aiming to obtain the PGWP are some of the most common candidates. They can now extend their PGWP status or apply for an open work permit.

A policy change that was initially proposed for April 2022 has been delayed due to technical issues. As a result, it will affect those whose PGWP status expired between September 20, 2021, and December 31, 2022.

“Canada has strategically and wilfully offered postgraduate work permits to attract and retain students. As a result, PGWP workers gain important work experience in Canada, which eases the application process for Canadian immigration and permanent residency in Canada”, says Ronen Kurzfeld, from Immigration Way.

 Many international students come to Canada to study and want to stay back for a longer period. The PGWP has become the go-to immigration status for many of them. Ronen Kurzfeld from Immigration Way, has helped over 5000+ students realize their dreams. These international students rely on it to make their immigration dreams a reality as it serves as a gateway to permanent residence in Canada.

Sometimes, students might get stuck while doing their educational credential assessment. However, this is not rocket science. It is best to get assistance from a professional immigration attorney. Ronen Kurzfeldis here to help you understand the process correctly. Their expertise in visa applications will help you professionally prepare your application and suggest possible improvement areas for a hassle-free immigration process to realize your dreams.

Immigration Way, has over 20+ years of experience assisting students, workers, and employers navigate Canada Immigration law regulations. The Toronto-based immigration firm empowers international students with a convenient and hassle-free process for applying for Post-Graduation Work Permit or PGWP in Canada with a hundred percent success rate.

Thousands of new immigrants have settled peacefully in Canada with the help of Immigration Way.

As a leading immigration lawyer that adheres to top client service standards, Ronen Kurzfeld, employs lawyers, licensed paralegals, and consultants. All the PGWP cases are exclusively handled by experienced and competent immigration lawyers at Immigration Way.

Taking the guesswork out of a candidate’s Canadian immigration plans is what Ronen Kurzfeld from Immigration Way can do for its clients.

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