CS Tech Launches Advanced Clad Metal Solutions For Diverse Industries

August 25 17:50 2023
CS Tech unveils enhanced clad metals, promising superior performance at competitive prices.

CS Tech, the leading provider of clad metal products, has announced its enhanced line-up of high-quality clad metals, redefining performance, durability, and cost-efficiency standards. Their expertise in the heat-rolling process and commitment to precision and swift delivery position them as key players in the clad metal industry.

CS Tech’s meticulously developed range of products boasts unique characteristics that surpass those of single-component materials. Designed with the demands of modern industries in mind, these advanced materials are set to cater to a diverse range of sectors, including construction, electronics, automotive parts, and industrial fields.

One of the spotlight products, Copper Clad, is making waves in the electrical sector. With 70% of the conductivity of standard copper, it provides superior performance and comes at a 20% more affordable rate. Weighing in at 40% lighter than its single copper counterpart, it is poised to set new standards in the industry, especially with its inherent antibacterial properties.

Next in their impressive line-up is the Stainless Clad. Engineered for optimal heat dissipation, it acts as an efficient heat sink, making it a preferred choice for applications that require effective heat transfer. Its elevated elongation capabilities, high corrosion resistance, and formability ensure its durability and versatility across varied uses.

CS Tech’s Aluminum Clad is another testament to the company’s innovation. Offering enhanced strength and formability, it is a cost-effective option, 15% cheaper than singular aluminum. With added benefits like reduced thermal expansion and the option for induction heating, industries can now benefit from a wide palette of paint colors for the aluminum exterior, aligning with both functionality and aesthetics.

Completing the lineup is the Steel Clad material, engineered for maximum formability and thermal efficiency. Its design ensures flexibility in shaping, ideal for robust structures or components that necessitate both strength and efficient thermal properties. By achieving a balance between weight reduction and strength retention, it emerges as a leading choice for applications demanding enhanced performance and efficiency.

“At CS Tech, our goal has always been to push boundaries and set new benchmarks in the clad metal industry. We have taken a giant leap forward with this new range, offering our customers unparalleled quality and value,” said Jeong-Suk, Roh, C.E.O. of CS Tech.

As the global landscape of industries continuously evolves, the demand for reliable, efficient, and cost-effective materials has never been higher. With its newly unveiled product range, CS Tech is poised to meet these demands, ushering in a new era of clad metal solutions for industries worldwide.

For further information or to explore CS Tech’s innovative range of products, customers can visit: https://cs-techusa.com

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CS Tech is a trusted provider of high-quality clad metal products based in Busan, Republic of Korea. Committed to precision, excellence, and swift product delivery, the company offers a wide range of materials tailored for various industrial applications.

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