STARESSO – Liberation of Space and Equipment Restrictions

October 24 07:54 2020
Portable espresso machine SP-200 and SP-200M.

STARESSO is an international brand specializing in fashionable and convenient coffee and tea devices. It has been registered and operated in the United States, Europe, Japan and South Korea for many years and is very popular among users all over the world. Created the portable coffee machine, Smart brewer bottle for tea, won the German Red Dot Design Award, IF Design Award, Asia Outdoor Industry Awards and other honors.

In 2016, it cooperated with Starbucks to launch a co-brand product. In the same year, STARESSO brand products were collected by the Korean Coffee Museum. STARESSO is also popular among fans including fashion superstar Fan Bingbing and American coffee baking champion Mark Michaelson on TV and the Internet.

STARESSO Espresso Machine SP-200

The first breakthrough will be the technology of manual pressing to force 18bars. This Staresso portable espresso machine can release people from heavy consciousness espresso machine and let them get espresso wherever and whenever they want. After having espresso, you can add milk and water according to your own taste to have a richer coffee experience. And this espresso machine has been the best seller in the category.

At the same time, the STARESSO espresso machine are always customer-oriented. The brand strives to create a better coffee quality of life for the customers. Each coffee machine is made by pump water chamber, filter and cup, which highly guarantee the pressure and the convenience when you make coffee.


On the basis of SP-200, STARESSO want to give more freedom to make coffee when people hang out. So the new version of the espresso machine, MINI Espresso Machine SP-200M, is more portable and smaller. It shortened the frame so that the coffee machine can be stored smaller. What’s more it also adds a thick carrier bag to mini espresso machine, which will increase the collect all the module of the espresso machine. Despite reduced the size, the pressure and the capacity is never reduced. Compared to SP-200, MINI coffee machine is more portable and have same level for the coffee making.

Both generations of Staresso’s products have achieved good coffee production, and have made great breakthroughs in convenience. SP-200 has the classic appearance of Staresso and is the star product of STARESSO brand. The SP-200M is more compact and is the remake of the previous generation.

Furthermore, having espresso coffee have always been the fashion trend for people. The brand is glad to share with all customers that you do not need to carry a heavy machine to make coffee. And surprisingly that this movement will not affect the quality of the coffee. After making the espresso coffee, a little more milk or water will give you more taste of coffee, without any other complicated procedure.

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STARESSO Coffee Systems, is a world-leading solution provider of fully portable espresso machines for casual coffee making. Our passion for the best coffee quality motivates us to elevate the customer experience through state-of-the art innovations.

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