2021 Design Intelligence Award Launches and Opens for Entries

January 21 13:30 2021

On January 20, 2021, the 6th Design Intelligence Award (hereinafter referred to as “DIA”) is officially launched, calling for outstanding design works from global enterprises and young talent designers. The entry submission portal will close on June 25, 2021(24:00, UTC+8).

For more information, please visit DIA official website (www.di-award.org).

Sponsored by the China Academy of Art, co-organized by the China Industrial Design Association and Industrial Design Professional Teaching Steering Sub-Committee in Colleges and Universities of Ministry of Education, and supported by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of PRC and the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province, DIA is the first international academy award of industrial design in China.

DIA aims to reshape the image of “Made in China” through the redefinition of eastern thoughts, with a view to “integrating wisdom, and creating future.”During the past five years, a total of 27,601 works from 60 countries and regions have been collected, contestants include 500 Fortune such as Alibaba, Honeywell, Fujitsu, Sony, JD, Baidu, Xiaomi, HIKVISION and so on. At the same time, DIA have been set a cooperative ecosystem supported from over 100 design universities, industry associations, design weeks and other organizations around the world, all of which enable DIA to successfully enter the list of internationally renowned industrial design award.

One Award, Two Priorities and Three Cornerstones: a New Blueprint with Top-Level Design

This year DIA takes “one award, two priorities and three cornerstones” as its strategic development framework, insists on “one award” — the development of the competition itself, expands “two priorities” — “Design Business” to tap the market potential and “Design Venture Capital” to sort out the industrial chain, and solidifies “three cornerstones” — “Design Union” with the international evaluation network of overseas partners, “D·WILL” Lecture linking the global knowledge network of expert bank, and the “Integrated Industrial Transformation” network substantiated by DIA Brand Pavilion and DIA Industrial Park. A new blueprint with top-level design is taking shape to comprehensively promote international cooperation and industrial innovation.

The “one award” has four major categories of “cultural innovation, living wisdom, industrial equipment, and digital economy” with a total prize bonus of 5 million. In the Product Group, two Gold Awards are given, each for 1,000,000 RMB, eight Silver Awards, each for 200,000 RMB and 10 Bronze Awards, each for 100,000 RMB. In the Concept Group, two Future Talent Awards are given, each for 80,000 RMB and eight Young Talent Awards, each for 30,000 RMB. Meanwhile, Honorable Mention Award(around 300 prizes) will be selected from across both Groups. In addition, several “Design Collaborative Innovation Contribution Award” will be presented to commend the organizations that have made outstanding contributions to this year’s entry collection and award promotion.

The “two priorities” focuses on the radiation effects of “Design Business” and “Design Venture Capital”. The two lists are closely integrated with the implementation of industrial transformation. It forms a one-stop ecological chain integrating of design ideas, products, enterprises and capital resources. DIA gathers strength of top domestic commercial resources and global design innovation practitioners in the fields of e-commerce, offline marketing channels, IP conversion, design conversion, industrial incubation institutions, etc. With the guidance and resources support of authoritative venture capital institutions and industrial transformation organizations, DIA will select a group of suitable scientific projects with industrialization needs for further incubation and cultivation. At the same time, DIA special fund, the DIA Industrial Park and a number of programs will be launched to provide more possibilities and promises for design products and talents.

Design Symbiosis Ecology: a New Global Layout

DIA adheres to the overall goal of building an “internationally renowned Centennial Design Award”, continues to expand the depth and breadth of cooperation with regard to  international windows composition, experts interaction, partners exchanges, etc., and injects strong international development power in terms of think tank construction and enrichment.

Since the fifth DIA, it has explored the overseas sub-division model and established the “Design Union” project, set DIA windows in advanced industrial design countries for entry collection, evaluation, publicity and promotion, etc. This year, the “Design Union” project will be operated on a regular basis aiming at increasing the quantity and quality of international entries. Hopefully, it will expand to about 10 countries including the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Austria, France, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, India, Netherlands etc., and formally established “overseas sub-divisions” and “international partners” with unified and standardized selection system and evaluation rules. In-depth cooperation on matters such as award mutual recognition and industrial transformation will be conducted steadily. It is a unique innovation among the award cooperation mechanism worldwide.

Design has no boundaries. The new era calls for new designs, and new problems require new ideas. As the global epidemic continues to spread, DIA once again released the call for “DIA Global Design Solutions for COVID-19” with international partners. Facing the new normal of COVID-19 and human coexistence, DIA particularly encourages innovation that goes beyond traditional shackles and self-imposed barriers, promotes taking crisis as driving force to think about the value of future design and disruptive transformation. It centers around the nine major aspects such as new ecology, new safety, new space, new social, new work, new education, new medical care, new transportation, and new possibilities.

This year, the Preliminary Evaluation will be conducted at the beginning of July and Final Evaluation in September. In September as usual, the DIA Award Ceremony will be held to announce the Million Award Winners, with a series of promotion activities accompanied during this period, such as DIA Exhibition, Design Business Roadshow, And Design Venture Capital Roadshow, etc.

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