UPSC Prelims 2021 Have Been Postponed – What Should an Aspirant do?

May 20 16:10 2021
UPSC Prelims 2021 Have Been Postponed - What Should an Aspirant do?

SprintUPSC is an engaging and analytics-driven test platform with high-quality content for UPSC aspirants. With over 16000 questions covering 230+ topics and 35+ gold standard books, SprintUPSC is the only practice platform you need for clearing UPSC Prelims.

As per the latest notification by the Union Public Service Commission of India, the most prestigious exam for the Civil Services, the UPSC Prelims 2021 has been postponed from 27-June-2021 to 10-October-2021.

As many aspirants take a breather with this 5-month extension, SprintUPSC, a product of DeepLearn Solutions, and one of the most sought after UPSC Prelims practice platform for this exam, recommends UPSC aspirants to not let their guard down by this rescheduling.

“It is a great move. Take it as a blessing in disguise. What an aspirant was about to leave in his or her preparation for the lack of time, their weak areas, this is the best time to re-strategize and re-plan the next few months and leave no stone unturned. They’ve got a second chance!” says Amit Sareen, Founder and Director of DeepLearn Solutions that launched their first product SprintUPSC in 2020.

With the rescheduling of the exam, a new concern rose among the aspirants who had purchased various UPSC/IAS mock test series for their final few months. However, SprintUPSC instantaneously eased their users’ anxiety, who had subscribed to the UPSC Pro 2021 plan. “We have extended all Pro 2021 user accounts to 10-Oct-2021 at no additional cost. Aspirants purchased the plan for the whole session, and we will give them access for the whole session. We are committed to their success,” announced Simranjit Singh, Founder, Director and CEO of DeepLearn Solutions.

With a huge question bank of over 17000+ questions, all tagged book-chapter/topic wise, the expert content team and faculty at SprintUPSC are still preparing more and more questions covering more books and topics to help aspirants prepare even better. SprintUPSC platform is very easy to use where aspirants can create custom personalised practice tests as and when they study, whenever they want right on their phones or computers. “As the aspirants work hard for their success, so do we,” says DeepLearn Solutions’ Chief Technology Officer and Solutions Architect.

Unlike any IAS mock test series or UPSC practice apps that only provide 20-30 full length tests, on SprintUPSC, Pro users can create an unlimited number of tests of varying lengths that they prefer at a particular time. Aspirants can take small tests of up to 30 minutes, or 1-hour tests if they have more time, to full length 2-hour tests as they get in the exam. This practice platform also covers previous years papers and provides daily challenges. It boasts of great user-service in terms of responsiveness for any doubts/queries or question issues raised by its users.

Here is what Team SprintUPSC recommends its users for the next few months:

Quickly list down your weak areas in terms of priority and importance with respect to the UPSC Prelims Civil Services exam. Aspirants who have been using SprintUPSC app for some time can easily find their weak areas through the Subject-wise and overall Performance scores that they see in the app, provided by a super-powerful AI-engine that calculates these scores through complex algorithms.

Now that aspirants have more time, they must remember it is for everyone – so only focussing on their strong areas for the next 5 months would be a mistake. They need to make the best use of this time and work on their weak areas/subjects/topics and bring them at speed.

Meanwhile, aspirants must also not lag in their practice and preparation of all that they have prepared until now. 5 months is a good enough time to forget what has been learnt unless all that is practiced regularly.

So, while UPSC candidates should learn and revamp their knowledge with what was left earlier, they must keep practicing what they have studied until now too. Maintaining pace and learning through practice and upgrading one’s knowledge will be the key to success in UPSC Prelims 2021 exam. It’ll be difficult to clear for those who neglect this extra time given, considering they’re already prepared for the exam.

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