PolyDADMAC Market Size Forecast to Reach $398 Million by 2026

May 21 16:15 2021
PolyDADMAC Market Size Forecast to Reach $398 Million by 2026

PolyDADMAC Market
Rising Demand From Water Industry Driving the Growth of PolyDADMAC Market.

PolyDADMAC Market is forecast to reach $398 Million by 2026, after growing at a CAGR of 3.2% during 2021-2026. Globally, the demand for PolyDADMAC is expected to witness healthy growth during the forecast period driven by increasing demand for PolyDADMAC in water purification. The water treated using PolyDADMAC is not 100% purified although due to its advantages all the other minor issues are been ignored. Therefore, PolyDADMAC water treatment is the choice for most water and wastewater treatment applications in low cost which increases the market demand.

Covid-19 outbreak

As a result of the lockdown and numerous other production issues, the demand for PolyDADMAC in the water purification, pulp and paper industry has decreased sharply, tending to limit the use of PolyDADMAC, thus constraining market growth over the projected period.

PolyDADMAC Market Segment Analysis – By Form

Liquid form held the largest share in the PolyDADMAC Market in 2020. PolyDADMAC is a liquid cationic polymer of distinct molecular weight that acts efficiently in a wide range of industries as primary coagulants and charge neutralization agents in liquid-solid separation processes. Used mainly in the method of paper production, cloth dyeing and finishing. PolyDADMAC is usually supplied as a liquid form with a volume in the range of 10 to 50 percent. PolyDADMAC liquid form has high charge density and it is a cationic polymer. Due to its charge density rate, PolyDADMAC is well suited for flocculation, which increases the market growth.

PolyDADMAC Market Segment Analysis – By Application

Water purification segment has dominated the PolyDADMAC Market in 2020 and is growing at a CAGR of 5.5% during the forecast period 2021-2026. In addition, the demand for water purification in developing countries is fueled by increase in availability of safe water by municipalities and upsurge in the number of water treatments. PolyDADMAC is a preferably used in water purification as a coagulant. The PolyDADMAC is an organic polymer and can extract natural organic matter such as humic and fulvic acids at high concentrations, resulting in less precursors of the byproduct of disinfection and less pigment and used in handling of sewage and waste water. PolyDADMAC is also used in filtration applications for flocculant goods in combination. In several processes of water treatment clarification, these PolyDADMAC are highly efficient. Chemical coagulants such as PolyDADMAC are used to boost efficiency and to conform with specific environmental standards alone or in combination to metallic aluminium coagulants such as ACH, Alum. PolyDADMAC provides a broader impurity removal range where traditional metallic coagulants can fail. Increasing demand for water purification propels the demand for PolyDADMAC.

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PolyDADMAC Market Segment Analysis – By Geography

Europe dominated the PolyDADMAC Market share with more than 39.2% in 2020, followed by APAC and North America. Due to the growing demand for PolyDADMAC from the water purification, pulp and paper industry, the medical industry in the region, it was projected to grow further. Indonesia is a main supplier of raw materials to numerous producers in Europe and therefore exports to European manufacturers a large quantity of raw materials, such as PolyDADMAC. Indonesia PolyDADMAC market is projected to expand dramatically as the consumer demand for water purification from different consumer goods rises. It is expected that increasing investments from different international corporations would be a key factor in increasing production potential. In emerging economies such as India and China, rapid industrialization, coupled with the expanding paper and pulp industries, is expected to be the main factor in the growth of the country. In the next few years, the increase in foreign direct investment in India is also expected to lead to business growth.

PolyDADMAC Market Drivers

Rising demand from water industry

In raw form, domestic water is abstracted from its sources with a high dissolved and suspended substance content. A cationic polyelectrolyte used in the initial water clarification process is polydiallyldimethylammonium chloride (PolyDADMAC). However, when they react with chlorine to create a carcinogenic substance, their residues in processed water pose a health danger, so there is a need to assess the concentration of polyelectrolyte cations that move through the flocculation step before the chlorine disinfection process in water treatment plants to determine the protection of water for customers. The cationic polymer is UV inactive, and because of low detection limits, previously available methods for assessing the polyelectrolyte concentrations are unsatisfactory.

Increasing demand due to its advantages

Polydiallyldimethylammonium chloride (PolyDADMAC) is a homopolymer of diallyldimethylammonium chloride (DADMAC). Liquid, cationic polymers with different molecular weights are these organic coagulants. They act as key coagulants efficiently and charge agents for neutralization. PolyDADMAC is also used in filtration applications or for flocculant goods in combination. In several processes of water treatment clarification, these polymers are highly efficient. In tandem with our flocculant and coagulant goods, PolyDADMAC and/or cationic polyamines can also be used to reduce total care costs.

PolyDADMAC Market Challenges

Fluctuating Raw Material Prices

The raw materials which are often used to produce PolyDADMAC are the downstream components of crude oil. Therefore, demand volatility in crude oil also impede the prices of PolyDADMAC raw materials. In the past year, according to the BP Statistical Study of World Energy, the market volatility of crude oil, such as the price of crude oil, rose from $98.95 in 2014 to $52.39 in 2015 and grew from $43.73 in 2016 to $71.31 in 2018. And the PolyDADMAC price is also rising because of this uncertainty about the price of crude oil. Crude oil price volatility is therefore expected to be a major challenge for PolyDADMAC producers, hampering the growth of the PolyDADMAC industry during the forecast period.

Covid-19 outbreak

The repercussions of COVID-19 and the oil price war are proving to be a two-pronged challenge for the oil, gas, and chemical industries. Because of the failure of supply cut agreements, oil prices are falling and demand for chemicals and processed products is slowing in the middle of this global pandemic due to production slowdowns and travel constraints. Due to the effects of the coronavirus COVID-19, global chemical production decreased by 3.1 percent in March 2020. Although some categories’ chemical production rose in January 2020 compared to December 2019, each category’s production decreased in February compared to January and in March compared to February. Leading producers are reducing capital and operational expenses, amid the crisis. Production operations for these sectors have been scaled down to 40%-60% supply due to labor shortages and delays in the sourcing of raw materials.

PolyDADMAC Market Landscape

Technology launches, acquisitions and R&D activities are key strategies adopted by players in the PolyDADMAC Market. In 2020, the market of PolyDADMAC has been consolidated by the top five players accounting for xx% of the share. Major players in the PolyDADMAC Market are SNF SPCM, Kemira, GEO, Accepta, BASF, Raybon Chemicals & Allied Products, Ashland, Prime Formulations (Whyte Group), BLUWAT, Zhangjiagang Cpolymer Chemical, Shandong Luyue Chemical, Zhejiang Xinhaitian Bio-Technology among others.

Key Takeaways

Europe dominates the market due to increasing demand of PolyDADMAC from pulp and paper and the medical industry in the region.

PolyDADMAC is used in the papermaking process to regulate upsetting chemicals. Due to its superior fixing properties of mechanical pulp pitch, it is widely used in paper mills to maximize retention and dewatering. Therefore, PolyDADMAC demand is high in the paper and pulp industry.

In 2019, SNF has doubled its global capacity of PolyDADMAC and Polyamines to support the future demands of both product lines. Such expansions from one of the top companies accelerates the market growth.

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