New E-Commerce Pet Supply Store HappyPooch Offers Unique Products For Canine Companions

May 21 22:10 2021
New E-Commerce Pet Supply Store HappyPooch Offers Unique Products For Canine Companions
E-commerce company HappyPooch is a new contender in the pet supplies market. The company focuses on providing top products for dogs and their owners, and is announcing their online grand opening.

Pet owners are known for their commitment to their pets. Many consumers are looking for the best in pet products, and want to be certain that they have access to everything that their pet needs for a happy, fulfilling life.

New e-commerce site HappyPooch is a company that is focusing on consumers who want to have the best products available for their dogs. Their entire store is filled with products that have received high accolades from experts and dog owners alike, and they are always adding new products focused on quality and convenience.

Started in 2020, HappyPooch has taken advantage of the fact that more and more people are shopping online for their pet products. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused online shopping to increase exponentially, and HappyPooch is just one of many companies that have been launched to satisfy the demand of the increasing number of people shopping online.

The founders of the e-commerce company are dog lovers themselves, and they do their own extensive research and testing before they add any new product to the shop. They trust so deeply in the products they offer that HappyPooch offers a 100% money back guarantee if dog owners are not satisfied with a product for one reason or another.

According to the company, “We aim to help dog owners improve the lives of their beloved pooches through the benefits of our products. As pup owners ourselves, we understand that there is nothing more important than the health and happiness of your pup. Our mission is simple: we want to see every pooch around the world happy, healthy, and living their best life – getting the care and love they deserve.”

The online shop primarily focuses on four different product lines, with plans for more in the future. These include:

  • Chewy, a series of flexible chew balls with interior bristles that help to reduce gum disease and bad breath;
  • StickNTug, a pull toy with a suction cup on one end and a Chewy ball on the other;
  • PoochBottle, a series of portable bottles that convert into water bowls, so owners can provide their dogs with a cool drink while on walks;
  • PoochSeat, a secure, comfortable seat which keeps dogs safe when traveling in a vehicle; and
  • Pooch Calming Bed, a soft, warm, comfortable bed that is shown to reduce anxiety in dogs.

Interested consumers can visit the HappyPooch website and shop here in order to see their full selection of dog products.

HappyPooch Co is a new e-commerce store focusing on providing the best in pet supplies and products for dogs. They work hard to help improve the lives of dogs and their owners by selling top, five star rated products.

Learn more about HappyPooch Co at their website,

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