Aphrodes Hair Care Brand Rises as “Antidote” to Relieve Hair Anxiety

May 24 16:57 2021

Nowadays, hair care is as important as skin care. According to the survey, 90% of people have hair and scalp-related problems. In this context, Aphrodes that used to won the “Korea 2020 Washing and Protection Brand Award” has become an “antidote” to relieve consumers’ hair anxiety.

Aphrodes deep study into hair care field

Aphrodes was born in Korea Mingmen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., It launched anti-stripping and oil control shampoo for people suffering from scalp troubles, and won the “Korea 2020 Washing and Protection Brand Award”. It also produced hair mask, which was continuously upgraded in composition and accurately cared for damaged hair. In addition, Aphrodes also produced hair growth serum, making a brand that is truly tailored for people!

Aphrodes Shampoo solid hair follicles and control oil

The scalp of people with alopecia is actually fragile and produce oil, so don’t blindly choose products with strong oil control. Although the grease on the scalp can be removed temporarily, the irritation will damage the scalp, making the scalp more oily and the lose more hair.

Aphrodes shampoo contains 20 kinds of amino acids, which can basically strengthen hair, scalp, help hair resist free radicals, increase protein composition and maintain hair growth. Also supplement nutrition and moisture, prevent hair follicle blockage, and enhance hair allergy resistance. Contains 0 silicone oil, 0 greasy, mild and safe, even suitable for children.

Aphrodes Hair Mask Deep Nourishing

Experts claims that oily scalp is an endocrine problem, not the scalp itself. Usually eating greasy, hereditary seborrheic and lack of trace elements will cause a large amount of hair loss. Therefore, shampoo is for basically clean, hair mask is essential to protect scalp.

Aphrodes hair mask can fundamentally regulate the unhealthy hair caused by unbalanced flora and lack of active probiotics. Apply a proper amount of hair mask evenly on the wet hair after cleaning the hair and scalp, and the problem of split and fuzzy solved immediately.

Whether it is alopecia or oily people, they must use amino acid, pure natural silicone oil-free shampoo. Aphrodes’ 20 kinds of amino acids can remove oxidative aging sebum, and will not excessively adsorb skin’s own grease, maintaining scalp environment, especially for people who have just dyed their hair, and the color protection effect is better at the same time!

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