“The Broken Truth” – New Book by Author Karl Olson

May 26 20:41 2021

This opens up many biblical clues revealed. Even answers revealed to one of the deepest questions in this book.

Chapter 8 – “The Big Awakening of the Truth”.

This is how Jesus gave me a life saving message in the Bible from suicide. How he wants us to be. Something I always thought I knew. Then reading his word, He confirmed it. I had three miracles that night. He lifted me right out of this depression and gave me hope, gave me transforming peace, comfort and showed me his love. This is how we can make it through this life.

“Walk in the Light not in Darkness”

Hold on the edge of your seat. This book is about to rock your world like nothing before. This is how the devil tried to destroy me twice that night and I had my forth miraculous miracle. Yes! this is how we can persevere throughout trials when we keep the Lord close to our hearts and His word, the Bible. This is a high level of triumph that will lift up the human spirit on high.

This is how the Lord can open up the window gates of heaven when you listen to his calling! A Powerful Website: www.thebrokentruth.net.

It’s a must see 5 stars book on Amazon.com

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