Nanomaterials News: Alfa Chemistry Offers Porous Nanomaterials

May 26 21:42 2021
In response to the growing market and research demand, Alfa Chemistry announced to offer porous nanomaterials earlier this month.

New York, USA – May 26, 2021 – The emergence of nanotechnology has dramatically changed the functional possibilities of materials. Porous nanomaterials, such as zeolites and mesoporous silica, are promising materials being developed for biomedical applications such as drug delivery and imaging. In response to the growing market and research demand, Alfa Chemistry announced to offer porous nanomaterials earlier this month.

The porous nanomaterials available at Alfa Chemistry include:

Bentonite Nanoclay (CAS 1302-78-9) is an untreated hydrophobic clay material composed of hydrated aluminum oxide and silicon oxide that can be used in water-based polymers and coating when in dispersion. Alfa Chemistry can provide it in most volumes, including bulk orders, and at different purities.

Halloysite nanoclay (CAS 1332-58-7) is one of the subcategories of nanoclay. Chemically, the outer surface of the halloysite nanotubes has properties similar to SiO2 while the inner cylinder core is related to Al2O3 which together may improve the cement matrix.

Tunable nanoporous carbon (CAS 7440-44-0), also known as carbide-derived carbons (CDCs), represents a new class of nanoporous carbons with porosity that can be tuned with sub-Ångström accuracy in the range 0.5-2 nm. CDCs have a narrower pore size distribution than single-wall carbon nanotubes or activated carbons; their pore size distribution is comparable with that of zeolites.

3D graphene foam electrode shows better electrochemical performance, and exhibits the largest specific capacitance of approximately 128 F/g at the current density of 1 A/g in 6 M KOH electrolyte, when compared with the regular 2D graphene paper. It is expected that the 3D graphene foam will have a potential application in the supercapacitors.

There are many other types of nanomaterials at Alfa Chemistry, including Nanocarbon, Nanofibers, Nanofoil, Nanoparticles, Nanoprisms, Nanorods, Nanospheres, Nanotubes, Nanowires, Novel Materials, Quantum Dots, and Targets/Wafers. Visit to learn more or just email at [email protected] for more information.

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