Meet Shrey Sanklecha: The Founder and CEO Who Built His Career by Meeting the Needs of the Modernized Design Industry

June 08 08:22 2021
Meet Shrey Sanklecha: The Founder and CEO Who Built His Career by Meeting the Needs of the Modernized Design Industry

The Concept Lab’s founder and CEO, Shrey Sanklecha knows how frustrating working with designers can be. An aspiring designer since his teenage years, he first laid the foundation for his professional designing company in 2017. Sanklecha had multiple encounters with local as well as foreign clients across the globe. Most clients shared their disappointing stories and experiences with other designing agencies.

“There have been multiple instances when I have had projects from different segments, whether companies, entrepreneurs, or professionals tell me that talking to designers is just flat-out exhausting. The designing process is slow. No one is willing to guarantee the results, and getting a new logo design or motion art cover would take a long time (longer than their expectations!). It feels like most of the companies in the design industry are focused on how to make more money without having to unleash their creativity. When that is all that their job demands”, they said.

Sanklecha understood what the design industry needed, and that is a designing company that would be straightforward with its clients to help them build a successful brand. From clearly understanding their requirements to explaining his process to the clients, is what sets him apart from the crowd. He immediately recognized the gap in the market for his designing company, The Concept Lab. His seamless logo designs, cover art, motion cover art, cartoon cover, flyer, and website designs will leave a lasting impact on his clients and their audience.

Creating a company that would put his client needs first, delivering the best, on-time, and guaranteed results for most people hiring its services has taken Sanklecha loads of time and patience, but to him, providing what the client wants is worth every sacrifice. His strong business foundation is evident through the projects he has brought to life from different segments in the music industry and events as well.

The company caters to the design requirements of businesses, entrepreneurs, DJs, producers, and artists alike. Business agencies can expect elegant and unique designs that would help attract new customers and keep the old ones intact. The striking design will help entrepreneurs and businesses strengthen their brand, boost brand awareness, and make way for increased sales. A marvelous and clever design will keep them ahead of the competition.

Most DJs, producers, and artists have confidence in Sanklecha’s original and modern logo and website designs. Be it increasing their sales or getting noticed by celebrities. His commendable work will help expand their reach to help his clients get a professional look to help spread the word for them.

Apart from this, famous artists also look up to him for functional and artistic designing needs. His intricate designing services have helped artists grab attention and make deeper interactions with their fans. His incredible designs offer the artist’s profile a seasoned look to help them gain more streams to build a loyal fan base.

Sanklecha believes, “Design can change everything.” He says, “I make sure that every client that makes way to my company leaves with the best experience that we plan on giving them.” He is confident that his hard work is going to pay off tenfold, despite the fact that his company is just 4 years old. Under Sanklecha’s leadership, The Concept Lab is set to make waves in the modernized design industry.

If you’d like to learn more or get in touch with Sanklecha’s company, The Concept Lab. You can find out more through their media contact here.

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Company Name: The Concept Lab
Contact Person: Shrey Sanklecha (Founder & CEO)
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Phone: +91 988 44 33 600
City: Mumbai
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